14 March 2009

Weekend Adventures

While I stayed at home studying, The Ninja went out on a food adventure, returning with hand made delights from a local butcher that has been smoking and curing meats on site for 25yrs.

We sat down to an afternoon treat of fried speck, hot salami and some fabulous cheeses, not to mention a little *cough* glass of Lambrusco to wash it down. It was so delicious we were lost for words. It reminded me of the stark contrast that dieting is and further set my resolve to never ever diet again.

I've been inspired by Joie, Nurit and Sunny and their amazing culinary feats while losing weight, and thought it was high time I connected with the kitchen and got my creative on.

Maybe there will be some recipes to come.... maybe just straight up food pr0n, who knows.........
Happy weekend people, may you relax and rejoice.

"What garlic is to food, insanity is to art"
Augustus Saint-Gaudens


  1. "During his creative periods Balzac ... shut himself away, drinking too much coffee and eating only eggs and fruit. When he re-emerged however, he displayed a gargantuan appetite. At the Véry restaurant, he was seen to devour 'a hundred Ostend oysters, twelve cutlets of salt-meadow mutton, a duck with turnips, two partridges and a Normandy sole', followed by desserts, fruit, coffee, and liqueurs." (Larousse Gastronomique, 1995, p. 61)

  2. Yep Aya... totally yummy.

    Anonymous.... I love this! Sounds as if Balzac was practicing some intermittent fasting, how I would love to be at one of those meals......