24 March 2009

Musings, or random stuff from in my head........

Image: Jasmic

I realised things were changing, when last night I found myself tucked up in bed flicking through Women's Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier. Here I was, me, lying in bed after making myself do my cardio and arm work-out, reading a book about exercise. Can you believe it?

At times this road seems very long and even monotonous, the same scenery goes by day after day and my destination seems not to get any closer. The scale is moving very, very, VERY slowly, some days I wonder if my engine is even switched on, maybe I am 5 years old again, sitting in my Dad's truck pretending to be careening down the highway at full speed, but in reality I am sitting in the driveway with the door open and my dog asleep on the ground below.

But I am getting somewhere. Picture it, me, this time last year, night shift, food as a way to stay awake, no exercise except walking the corridors like a zombie doing my rounds. When I think of this I can see the wheels are turning, I am moving forward.

There are so many ways to measure weight loss, many of them have nothing to do with actual weight lost. In the last few months I feel like I have found so many new ways to travel on this road, sometimes I gain speed and turn a corner, feel the wind in my hair, and other days I stop and rest under a tree, have a little snack, a snooze, and watch everyone else zoom on by.

The best bit about being where I am on the road right now is that I'm on the road. I'm not planning the road, thinking about the road, ignoring the road, I'm here standing in the sun, looking ahead at the twists and turns to come and back at the mountains and hill's I've climbed, and it is here I realise I've made it to my destination, the place I'm meant to be.

"All journey's have secret destinations of which the traveler is not aware"
Martin Buber


  1. Yeah it can be monotonous at times, which is why changing up the routine is always a great way to spark a new fire into the plan. The scale is stupid, and I wish it would go away sometimes because its the worst way to analyze progress.


    love this post, Berni.

  3. Hey girl! I just read your comment on MF and this is my first time visiting your blog! You sound like you are doing an AMAZING job- keep up the good work!

    As far as clean eating goes, it really is wonderful. If you're interested- I suggest starting out slow and allowing some treats/slips and then slowly removing them. I find I feel better and less of the constant hunger when I eat more healthy foods than when I allow for the junk ;)

  4. And it is when you realize the progress you've made when you find the motivation to keep going because you really, really don't ever want to go back. I'm proud of you! I didn't join you in the "putting the fork down and breathing" challenge this week because I got the flu! I had NO TROUBLE slowing down this week. Ha ha. Not a fun way to lose weight. I will take your challenge this week though. Keep up the great work!

  5. @Tony: Change IS a great motivator. I saw a trainer last night and now I'm ready to hit that road running!

    @Miz: Me too, it just kinda fell out of my head and I like it, I like it a lot.

    @Erica: Hey there, thanks for stopping by. Great advice, starting slow works so well for me.

    @Joie: Hope you're feeling better soon. Putting the fork down and breathing has been a challenge, definitely a work in progress ;)

    @Jacobine: Wow right back at ya xx

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