13 March 2009

5 Things I'm Proud of #8

Photo: Elfleda

I'm not sure if it was the full moon or all the kim chee I ate last night, but I had some very strange dreams, resulting in me feeling a bit like a zombie this morning. I tried some old shorts on in the hope that them falling off me would make me feel a bit more awake, bit alas, they still fit. I couldn't help but have a little "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" moment. I guess slow and steady wins the race right? Right? Right??

Despite the zombie like state of being and the lack of items of clothing miraculously falling to the ground, I'm still proud of a few things this week. How bout you?

1. Taking MizFit and Kelly O's advice and mixing it up to avoid a work-out plateau. It's amazing, I didn't even realise how automatic my cardio had become. Feeling sore and exhausted again yippeee!

2. Keeping on keeping on with the exercise despite my journey into food chaos, with a stop-over in binge land.

3. Realising that just by letting it happen, I've created exactly what I wanted in my life for maybe the first time ever.

4. Having absolutley no regrets about leaving my hard earned career behind me- I thought there might be a tinge of nostalgia by now..... nup!

5. Having the first meeting of the gals for our little sing-a-thons, new people, new ideas, new sounds.

"Genius is eternal patience"

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