29 October 2009

Cravings and Aversions.

Image: norwichnuts

So in my mind I thought, being newly up the duff and all, that I'd be begging Kenj to get up at some ungodly hour and make me something like the picture above. That I wouldn't be able to carry on without my crazy food fetish. I've seen the movies, watched the TV shows, read the magazines. Preggo chicks like eating weird shit right?

Well it seems not so with me. I've been hungrier than ever before but not really craved anything in the tear down the walls give me my coco pops and tomato sauce kind of way. This is mildly disappointing. I was totally ready for it, I have a pretty varied diet, I was imagining combos that would make even Andrew Zimmern squeamish.

So no cravings, what about aversions? Yes, and this has been strange.... chicken is off the cards, even looking at it in the butcher makes me feel wrong. Sadly, and much to my shock and horror vegetables are no longer the love of my life...... bland, boring and cardboard like they seem. I push them round my plate, stick them on and off my fork and generally do anything to not eat them.... eeeeek.

So here I am, imagining my unborn child starving of nutrients in the womb..... I know, I know, don't worry everything will be alright, but I am of the family way, it is my right to freak out, freaking out is right up there with wanting pickles and ice cream at 4am, I'm just allowed to do it.

I'm trying different things... vege juices are OK, although sometimes even a mouthful makes me want to yerlch all over the kitchen. Today I had success, I hid the veges. There they were lurking in a tomato base with lots of cheese, pour that over some brown rice and I'm more densely nutritious than Gillian McKeith as she screams at some poor woman about fish 'n' chips with mushy peas.

As I was chopping the veges as small as I could, so as to get them sliding straight down my throat without nary a blip on the boring foods radar, I had a thought. Maybe this is preparation, maybe this is my body's way of saying "look lady you better work out how to make veges taste good, because no kid worth their weight in rusk sticks is going to be interested in your steamed vege garbage, it ain't gunna happen".

Who knows, but whatever it is, I hope I can put cheese on it, because cheese fixes everything.

22 October 2009

Where have I been?

Well, that's a very good question... I've been off inhabiting a place inside my head, roaming around, wondering. Oh yeah, I was also in Japan.... but only for 3 weeks so not much of an excuse.

The real reason for my absence? I am up the duff bun in the oven the stalk is in a holding pattern pregnant. Yes you read that right, of the family way. This came as quite a surprise, especially to me..... aren't I the overweight, over 30, hypothyroid, borderline PCOS type that is bound to have difficulties? 8 pregnancy tests later I finally believed those two blue lines. This is really happening.

I'm still here, hungry, needing to pee and dreaming the most crazily profound dreams ever.