20 March 2009

5 Things I'm Proud Of #8

Image: davesag

I've been doing this exercise for a while now. Today I realised, it doesn't make me feel icky anymore. Gone are the feelings of "being proud of yourself? That's just lame, you're not worth being proud of." The five things come easily and without much effort. Could it be? Could it be that I'm starting to see myself in a different light? In a soft appropriate light, nothing like the harsh, unwanted, shadow inducing beams of a Kmart change room of old?

Comment if you will, share if you like, but most of all remember what you've done that makes you proud.

  1. Finally doing my exams. Distance Ed can be such a struggle, all part of learning how to be self motivated

  2. Doing the exercises my new fabulous physio has given me for my dodgy knee, I will run again, I will run again, I will run again.... well jog... well maybe it's just walking really fast....

  3. Trying out some HTML, with help from Roni at SkinnyMiniMedia. It seems so scary, but really not so

  4. Eating S.L.O.W.L.Y I'm amazed at how slow I can eat and what a difference it makes to portions. Hmmm maybe another key unlocking another door

  5. Saying YES to sharing a personal trainer with the gorgeous JRose and friends, as much as I love my solo fitness efforts, having a group to be accountable to is going to really up the ante

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection"


  1. damn. you have done a ton to make yourself proud!!

    hows the couch to 5k going?

    I did one thing which scared me this week of which Im really proud BUT now I need to keep the momentum going :)

  2. I feel inspired and really think it is so good to see oneself in that gentle light! As I have been having trouble with that in the last months, here I go! I am proud of:
    1. my willingness to learn every day.
    2. flossing more regularly.
    3. saying no and daring to miss out.
    4. being nice to cats and dogs.
    5. trying ...

  3. Miz: Couch to 5K isn't going anywhere right now. I'm still out for the count as far as jogging goes, but my knee is feeling stronger, so hopefully soon.

    Jacobine: I love your list, esp number 5, trying is really one of the most important things methinks.