06 March 2009

5 Things I'm Proud Of # 7

Image: Laurie :: Liquid Paper

Friday, pride time. The wonderful Roni posted about finding balance in your life this week, and she linked to another great post about your right to brag. It further reinforced what I am trying to do here on Friday's, it's all too easy to focus on the bad stuff and in doing that all we see is the negative parts of our lives, some would say even attracting more negativity into our lives.

I'm all about changing the self talk and this is a big part of it. Share in the comments, break the cycle, be proud of yourself. This is your life and you are in control of how you feel, why not feel good?

Here are my five for this week.

1. Keeping on with this post. I was feeling a bit like it was boring, for me and for you. Who cares if I cleaned my house? Well I do, and it's not really about the things on this list, it's about making this list. If it works for me it might work for someone else, try it see how you feel.

2. Writing an article for the soon to be MizFitMag. I said I wanted to be a writer so here we go!

3. Organising my exams, one step closer to not failing my studies due to laziness.

4. Not cleaning the house. I'm mixing it up here, I always use cleaning as an excuse to not start something, I hate cleaning, it takes me days to psych myself up to do it, and those are days I spend not doing what I need and want to get done. This week, I left it all and focused on the things I needed to do, and now they're done and I can clean the house. Yay!

5. My relationship. The Ninja and I are totally in synch right now, it takes work and mindful effort, but damn it's so good when it's good. Happy Birthday!

"Maybe it's easier to like someone else's life, and live vicariously through it, than take some responsiblity to change our lives into lives we might like"
Tish Grier


  1. 1. I did my tax!
    2. i did a dance class!
    3.I made an appointment to do a private lesson in trapeze (wow)
    4. Decided to make some changes in my life.
    5. I did them all for me and me only.
    Thanks for your persistence B!

  2. 1. I gave a speech for international women's day (ergh, hate speeches).

    2. Kirk went out with the boys last night, getting in completely shattered at 12.30am and I didn't crack a spaz (or at least not a very big one).

    3. Went for a walk with YOU and shared an 11kg load.

    4. Said no to the biscuits once (and yes about 15 times, but baby steps, right?)

    5. Did 50 sit-ups on one evening (repeat baby steps comment).

    Love ya til it comes out your ears