25 March 2009

Exercise update

You know that road I talked about yesterday? Well it might be time to start running on it again. Over there somewhere on the right in the About Me section I talk about good health professionals being worth their weight in gold. Well I think my physiotherapist is well worth that and maybe even more, she's tiny.

After some truly agonizing massage and not so exciting exercises, she thinks it's time for me to start jogging again, slowly. I'm all about the slowly.

I'm excited, nervous and a little bit like fantasizing about my long lost running career. Ha! Well more like hoping that I can include some regular laps around the park in the Wonderful Workout Experiment. Here's hoping.

More news on the exercise front. The girls and I met up with our personal trainer last night. She's like a little terrier, a total ball breaker, and I love it! When she left we were like " yeah bye yeah we feel great, thankssomuch, see you next week" smiles and waves. As soon as she got out of sight we collapsed to the grass and discussed how at various points during the session we had all thought we may pass out/vomit from the exhertion. All in all an excellent first meeting.

"Fitness to me isn't about a crunch or a push up, it's about taking your power back"
Jillian Michaels


  1. I love the image of your terrier trainer!!

    Ive known many of those types along the way (Im a great way)--I think I was a bullmastiff.


  2. haha- your trainer sounds fabulous! Just the kind of trainer I'd want. Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things (exercise wise) ahead! Love your blog- can't wait to read more ;)