09 February 2009

Why I'm determined to lose weight

I've felt the focus slipping a bit these last few days so I thought I'd just remind myself of why I want to do this once and for all, and here, for your reading pleasure, are some of the reasons......

So I feel strong, healthy, flexible and move forward in life

So I never feel like I don't deserve things/experiences ever again

So I never have to shop in the plus sized section again

So I don't feel the sides of an airplane seat crushing me in

So I feel like the outside is an expression of the inside

So I can get excited about dressing up to go out

So I can say I did it.

So I can include I lost 40kgs on one of my 5 Things I'm Proud Of posts, then laugh and giggle and run around the room shouting hurray hurraay hurrrahh!!

"If you are going through hell, keep going"
Winston Churchill


  1. How about adding "So that you can be around a little longer for those that love you". Great quote by Churchill.

  2. @Tom Rooney I think that's a great addition, thanks :)