11 February 2009

Some Numbers and a Lifestyle Change

The last few weeks I've been thinking more and more about this whole lifestyle change thing. You know how it goes, you reach for a protein bar instead of a meal and "they" shout out, that won't work, you must change your lifestyle. I have to say, "they" are right. Considering all the pills, shakes, bars and strange mono diets that have passed my lips I should be a representation of the ideal body by now, but alas I aint.

I have tried this lifestyle approach in the past, worked out what I believe to be the perfect routine and then proceeded to do it, let's just say the whole macrobiotic, yoga, pilates, situation didn't last too long. Yesterday I realised where I'd gone wrong, I was imitating what I thought was a healthy lifestyle rather than building my healthy life.

I feel that despite the ups and downs of all my dieting and attempts at imitating Gwyneth Paltrow's diet and fitness regime, I have to say I'm really glad I've tried. In trying I've created the perfect trial and error testing ground, I know what works for me, whether that be weighing myself once a month or not restricting food groups.

The best thing is I can't fail now, because I'm creating this. If something doesn't work, it's not because I'm a big fat idiot who can't do anything right, it's because that approach wasn't right for me and in finding that, I'm getting closer and closer to what is right, and that's a good feeling.

Oh, and here are some new numbers....

Starting point 13/11/08
Weight: 109.9kg
Bust: 115cm
Upper Arm: 36cm
Waist (narrowest part): 95cm
Waist (at belly button): 114cm
Hips: 127cm
Upper Thigh: 76cm
Knee: 49cm
Calf: 46cm

Weight: 107.6kg (1/2/09)
Bust: 111cm
Upper Arm: 34cm
Waist #1: 91cm
Waist #2: 99cm/111cm- not sure of tape placement here....
Hips: 124cm
Upper Thigh: 72cm
Knee: 46cm
Calf: 45cm

"The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was"
Walt West


  1. Niice numbers. How are you feeling physicially? Can you feel the changes taking place?

  2. I agree. You have to figure out what's right for you. And it may take more then one try but eventually we'll get it right! :)

  3. @Sophie I sure can, clothes are fitting better and I'm feeling stronger and more energised which is always good in my book.

    @Sunny We will get there I'm sure of it!

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