02 February 2009

February's Challenge-Facing the Fear

This months challenge is all about doing things I've wanted to do for a while but had some crazy irrational fear stopping me.

This are two of them:

Indoor rock climbing...... eeek! It's not what you think, I am not scared of heights. I'm terrified to the point of shaking of not fitting in the harness, ripping the support rings out of the ceiling with my humungous heaviness, not being able to haul my lard ass up the wall.

SCUBA diving......... ahhhrk! Again not what you think, no fear of being eaten by sharks, no fear of being under water. My very real long term fear is that they won't have a wet suit to fit me.

So what are your fears? Are you ready to face them?

"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb, that's where the fruit is"
H. Jackson Browne


  1. There's no way in world I will ever try scuba diving. Regardless of weight or having to wear a swim suit. I just terrified of water and living creatures swimming close to me....

  2. Scuba diving sounds fun but rock climbing kinda freaks me out! I have a list of 40 things I'd like to do but I put the list away in my drawer. You've inspired me to take it out of the drawer and to challenge myself!