16 February 2009

Weekend Challenge

Now this isn't a challenge like the January Challenge nor the February Challenge. This is the ongoing struggle that is the weekend, time to catch up with friends, eat drink and be merry. This weekend's challenges included my all time favourite Malaysian place, yum cha and a new exciting totally delicious experience, Brazillian Churrascaria. There are always healthy options but, why oh why is it so hard to stick with them?

The next challenge I faced on the weekend was the return of an old injury, the dodgy knee, a very technical term, I know. I've had said knee poked, prodded, acupunctured, X-rayed, ultrasounded, taped and heat treated to no avail. There isn't any apparent damage or disorder, but when it hurts it really really hurts. I was totally off my feet for about a month last year after ignoring the signs, ending up in a swollen painful mess.

This time I'm listening to my body and resting up. The sad thing is I think what has caused this unwanted revisitation is the starting of the Couch to 5K program this week, which now must be shelved until a later date. I'm bummed out , I was really looking forward to the wind in my hair, my first race, my first marathon, triathlon.... ehhem.... getting a little carried away there.

I guess it's back to the basics, somedays it really does feel like one step forward two steps back, this is such a long road and I feel like I'm looking up at a mountain today.

"Still round the corner there may wait, a new road, or a secret gate"
J.R.R. Tolkein


  1. Stay strong my gorgeous friend!! Remind yourself of how many people love you and are proud of you and how you inspire us all. It's tough - but you're on your way my girl.
    Sending you tonnes of happy-get-better-crappy-knee vibes. Heather xoxoox

  2. Oh that must be so frustrating about your knee! But you have lots of other excellent exercise things happening- Go Berni!

  3. Keep faith! I am impressed that you started a couch to 5K program. I started one of those about two years ago, and could never get past the point of running two minutes/walking two and a half minutes. I could never catch my breath and after having kids, I felt like I had to pee my pants when I ran that much. I have let go of the guilt of not being a runner and have embraced walking with Nordic poles for a little extra resistance in the arms. Perhaps that would work for you too? You're doing well though and you're staying motivated. That is the important part!