13 February 2009

5 Things I'm Proud Of Today #4

Hey folks, it's that time again, time to focus on the positives and remind ourselves of achievements other than a decreasing number on the scale.

1. Reaching Week 4 of the push up challenge.

2. Testing my real proper push-up ability and finding I can now do 1 real push-up...... yippee!!

3. Increasing my basic cardio routine by 66% in the last 2 months.... slow and steady really works.

4. Starting the Couch to 5k running program.

5. Fitting into a pair of jeans that have been firmly in the too small pile I've got stashed away in my spare room.... wooohooo!!

Share along in the comments....... what cool things have you been up to?

"Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people"
Nido Qubein


  1. i have been starting on push ups although i am using my wii fit.i have unlocked most of the reps and the beat the trainer mode(although that one i admit to modifying to get a high number LOL)but i am starting with 2 sets of 6 reps of the push up w/side planks game. i will do this for a week then try 1-2 sets of the 10 reps mode and move on from there. i would like to try to get a good 10-15 reps on my toes in beat the trainer. i am happy i have gotten in nearly all of my planned workouts this week. eating got a little away from me but i have bounced back every time. and choosing water over diet soda. haven't had an energy drink(lo-carb ones though) in over 2 weeks :-). and was down to 133lbs yesterday. 3lbs to go then i hope to start with another 5lbs after that. when my tax refund comes in i hope to have enough left over to treat myself to maybe a new dvd or two and some new workout clothes. despite not getting all the workouts i wanted in last month i still worked out almost everyday(yoga counts) and this month is going well despite cutting back on time last week.