23 February 2009

Support Team

Not unlike Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, on their adventures around the globe, us mere mortal folk also need a support team for when things get rough. Support can come in all shapes and sizes, friends cheering you on, the loving sister convincing you that you don't need to go anywhere near the Tim Tams, and of course the wonderful blogosphere, full of amazing people doing their thing.

A new thing for me is learning to support myself. Breaking that old habit of putting myself down and turning it into a spring of motivational statements, applause and yeeehahs, is somewhat challenging at times.

Sometime I listen to myself chatting away with myself, being all Anthony Robbinsesque and I can't help but think maaaaan this is just too much. Maybe it's an Aussie thing, we aren't known for our ability to motivate and support our high achievers, hell there is even a Wikipedia entry about it.

Whatever it is, I'm working on it, one day at a time, the team is there with radio support whenever I need it and on those days that we don't have reception, I am now able to dust off the cobwebs and become my own cheering squad, and it's kinda nice.

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten"
Anthony Robbins


  1. its amazing how KEY that is. the learning to support oneself and put oneself first.
    for me if I cave for more than a day or 3 and put others (even toddler or husband) before myself (give up my METIME) I grow resentful.
    it's not pretty.


  2. I'm so glad you posted about Tall poppy syndrome! That happens here in the states and I never knew what to call it!

    I think learning to cheer yourself on and the turn around and do it for others is the best way to keep the momentum going. We all need a helping hand now and then.

  3. I like Anthony Robbins! :) Sometimes it's hard to find support out there, so we have to learn to support and encourage ourselves. Keep thinking positive thoughts!!

  4. Thanks for the comments, keeps me smiling :)

    @MizFit gottstah get the METIME, it keeps me calm in the face of any storm.

    @Roni So true about keeping the momentum going, it really works like that.

    @Sunny I like AR too ;) It's all about the positive thoughts right now.