28 May 2009

Guest Post: So you want to lose weight and keep it of?

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Let me introduce you to the fabulous Rebecca of
Chow and Chatter. Rebecca is a a dietitian, personal trainer, writer, mother, wife, cook and blogging extraordinaire. She's taken some time out of her day to share with us some of her tips on losing weight and the elusive keeping it off.

On the surface it seems simple to lose weight eat less and be more active however the number of overweight and obese people continues to rise. People try many strategies in an attempt to lose weight often the latest Hollywood diet or fad. How often do you hear the words I am on a diet or I’ll eat what I want before I start my diet, many times losing weight while on the so called diet only to re-gain it and some when they return to their usual eating habits. This yo yo cycle isn’t healthy for mind or body. Thats my Bernie's Blog yo yo no more caught my eye as she understands. She blogs with Sunny of that extra 20 lb and Joie of Joie de Vivre who inspire each other and folks around the globe with great tips and their personal stories.

The best approach is to work towards a healthy lifestyle and make long –term changes, also be patient with yourself it won't happen over night, there will be good and bad days along the way but you can do it one step at a time. It's also of great benefit to work with a dietitian to give you that much needed support, or consider using the services of a personal trainer.

Consider these questions before beginning

  • How ready am I to change? if you are thinking about it but still not all that motivated brainstorm the health benefits and focus on how much better you would feel
  • Break down your barriers to change-write a list and work through them, develop good time management and prioritize time for you to cook and be active
  • Do you eat when hungry or for other reasons such as emotions, habit or boredom. Try keeping a food diary and recording when and what you eat and how you were feeling, or write a blog. Work towards a regular meal schedule and listen to your bodies cues to eat when hungry
  • Do you perceive certain foods as good and bad and follow dieting rules? Re-program your mind and have a healthy relationship with food there’s no good or bad foods you just need to get the balance right
  • Eat slowly – it takes time for the brain to get the message that your full
  • Develop effective emotional coping strategies try not to use food for comfort, break the cycle of eating when stressed then feeling guilty. Call a friend, take a walk, pray, have a hot bath and try yoga.
  • Increase physical activity try to find activities that can be worked into your daily life you don’t have to join a gym. Take the stairs, walk on your breaks, try pilates and yoga at home or take a class, get some weights and lift at home, try tennis with friends and family or get a bike, find lots of activities you enjoy and have fun!

Overtime as you work towards a healthy lifestyle and face each challenge in a positive way you’ll slowly start to feel stronger more in control and enjoy better health.


  1. Sometimes I like to liken these discussions about weightloss to my (long) journey of doing a PhD. I think the similarities can be found in the simplest of things:

    For one, you will probably, at some points along the way, give in, give up, go backwards, or become stuck - and the real resiliance lies in getting up, dusting yourself off, and getting back on the horse, again and again and again. Sometimes once every few months, every week, or some days every ten minutes. I know now that this is going to happen, I am going to have bad days, weeks or hours, and I need to know I can keep on keeping on!

    I like reading this blog because it reminds me of that. It reminds me that even if you can't acheive everything you want with one huge whoosh of momentum, you can still do it. You gotta grit your teeth and reach deep for determination.

    I think, for myself, as I near the end of my PhD, and every hour counts and every day starts to become drawn out, painful and sometimes overwhelming- and I imagine the sweet rush of giving up and joining the 'real world'- and I think the best way to stay on track is to make yourself feel good where you are right now. Like Bernie's 5 things I'm proud of. That way you keep reminding yourself- you can do it!

    Hmm... bit of a rave!
    xx Soph

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