12 May 2009

I got an award!!!!

I got an award! I love awards. The fabulous Rebecca of Chow and Chatter gave me this Awe-Summmm award. Rebecca is a Registered Dietitian in the UK and USA and has a wealth of experience and knowledge that she shares very generously on her blog. She also posts some damn delicious looking recipes for you to try if you dare. Be sure to check out her blog, you won't be disappointed that you did.

As part of this award I am meant to share 7 awesome thing about myself so here goes *blush*

  1. I once ate a fish eye ball to impress The Boyf. I think that's pretty awesome.
  2. I'm interested in people and their stories
  3. Always up for adventure
  4. Positive
  5. Easy going
  6. I once won a challenge at the gym on the rowing machine.... I was pretty pleased with my awesomeness that day.
  7. I LOVE dogs, I know that's not amazingly awesome, but I bet all the dogs I pat or say hello to in the street think I'm awesome!

In return I am passing this award on to some wonderful bloggers that keep me laughing and inspired all the day long.

Joie, Sunny and Nurit, my Weight Loss Weekly buddies, who so kindly invited me to join them on their fantastic collaborative blogging adventure. Their blogs are delicious, inspiring and they themselves are pretty darn cool too.

Spring Girl a fellow Aussie blogger who writes wonderfully about weight loss and all the amazing self discovery she's having along the way.


  1. congrats on your award, you deserve it! i love the way your write, your blog is lots of fun! and thanks for passing it on!! ;)

  2. Congrats!

    And that eyeball thing is really darn impressive. Couldn't go there myself!

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