03 May 2009

The Don't Go Hungry Diet Update

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"The pleasure of eating is not in the costly flavor, but in yourself"

A big HELLOOO to anyone who's wandered on over from Dr Amanda's newsletter. I hope my little stories help, inspire or at the least entertain you.

I've consistently been following the principles in Dr Amanda's amazing book The Don't Go Hungry Diet for a month or so now and I've noticed some nice changes around here. If you'd like to find out more about Dr Amanda and her research you can read what I think about it all right here.

The Don't Go Hungry Diet isn't really a diet in the traditional sense of the word, rather it is what our bodies do naturally and if we listen to them we may just find they've got something to say that is well worth hearing.

Here are some of the changes I've noticed since I've tried to eat when I'm actually hungry and eat enough so that I'm satisfied.

  • I don't really have any mad cravings
  • I don't feel as though I have to exert will power of steel to resist temptations
  • My most hungriest times of the day are 1130am and 4pm
  • There are many types of hunger, some for a meal and some for a snack
  • It doesn't take that much to fill me up
  • I can lose weight without feeling deprived and deranged, even when I'm faced with a month of celebrations and chocolate!

Like anything, this is a process, and I am far from having it all worked out. I still let myself get too hungry sometimes, and yes, I still overeat every now and then, but not as often and I don't have all the guilt and failure with it. I really feel like this is a missing part of the "lifestyle change" puzzle and if I can master this who knows what will happen, maybe I really will yo-yo no more.


  1. One step at a time! It's all about re-learning healthy eating habits. Baby steps, baby steps...

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