19 May 2009

My New Shoes

Image: ericsnels

"There's nothing like putting your bare feet into fresh cow dung on a cold day, it's great"
Makhaya Ntini

I really should be writing something about cholesterol but I'm just so excited about my new shoes. They're called Vibram FiveFingers® and they totally rock.

I'd read about these shoes a while back and admired them on a few feet but alas alack they weren't available in Oz at the time. Fast forward to not long ago when I saw them in a shop window and haven't been able to stop thinking about them since. I love being barefoot, a stilleto shod lady I am not, so the idea of being able to get around, protected from the ground, but feeling like I'm shoeless is like heaven to me.

Vibram FiveFingers® have a flexible vibram sole and individual toe sections that keep your toes separated and able to move independently. It's an unusual yet logical concept. There are a variety of styles to chose from, ranging from a neat slip on to a cold weather enclosed shoe.

The theory is, as it turns out, that our feet are designed to carry us. A lifetime of shoe wearing not only weakens the muscles in our feet causing problems such as plantar fasciitis but has ramifications the whole body over resulting in postural imbalances and back problems. Everyone has seen and been shocked at the old lady foot, her strange misshapen toes, bunions and corns often the result of tight shoes.

I have the makings of some of these problems, and wonder if it's my sore feet that have lead to my dodgy knee. That's part of the reason I finally forked over the cash and got myself a pair. I'm hoping after a few months, my feet will feel stronger and less stiff, time will tell.

As soon as I put them on I was amazed at how comfortable they were. I feel like I have more balance and more control, and feeling the ground under my feet is fantastic. I haven't done any long distance walking in them yet, but general getting around and about has been no trouble at all.

Check out some reviews at:
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birthday shoes, a site dedicated to Vibram FiveFingers® and bare feet.

What do you think? Interested in getting back to nature with some high tech rubber between you and the world? Happy with your faithful trainers? Let me know, comment down below.


  1. They look cute...more like socks though.

  2. You learn something every day! They're certainly, um, unique...

  3. Wow! Bring them to Europe, so I can have a look at them!! xx

  4. @gjb I've totally drawn a blank on the name of the store I got them at. It was on Kent St in Sydney. These guys, also on Kent St have them too.

    @Angie's Recipies they are a bit like socks but protect you from the elements a lot better.

    @Hanlie Unique, is a good description. But not for long, their popularity is growing fast

    @Jacobine Of course!

  5. This is the first time I've heard of them. They look fantastic. I've already recommended them to my friend who is a runner. Did you buy the Classics, Bernie? And how much did they cost? Marcia x

  6. YAY! and welcome :)


    My husband actually got a pair after I raved about mine so much.

  7. @Marcia yup I got the classics they cost AU$180

    @MizFit Thanks for the welcome. I'm like a walking sales person right now... surely I'll get some of my peeps into them too.

  8. I am anxious to see what you think of these after you use them a little more. I have read good things about shoes like this, so I am very curious.

  9. @South Beach Steve: Report to follow for sure.