01 June 2009

Weight Loss Weekly

"Resistance is useless"

Dr Who

Monday is Weight Loss Weekly time, when Joie, Sunny and myself get together and talk weight loss. The gals and I are focusing on exercise at the moment, going forth and creating new, wonderful, healthy habits.

Check out how the ladies went this week:

Joie of Joie de vivre: An amateur gourmet's guide

Sunny: "The second week of my exercise plan! Ugh, and it was so much harder for me to stay motivated this week..." keep reading at That Extra 20 Pounds

Another week of daily exercise, can you believe it? I'm amazed. I even did push ups! Despite the crazy week, I managed to exercise every day yet again. This week was a challenge, being at The Folks' place and helping Ma organise doctor's visits and the like, left me feeling pretty tired and unmotivated. All in all I think I proved to myself that I can do this, I can make this a habit and I can stick to it.

I think what really helped me this week was deciding that exercise was my priority, I planned, I got up early and I got it done. It was also nice to think that I was showing my Mum that doing exercise every day isn't really that hard, she joined me on a few walks and it was great to get off the couch and into the fresh air together.

I've always loved walking, and this week I was reminded how much I love walking in the bush. My goal for when I get back from Europe will be to get out of the inner city once a week, find some green and walk til my heart's content.

This week the exercise plan is incomplete, I leave for London on Thursday and I'm not sure what the weekend will hold. My idea is to approach the rest of the week with a spirit of adventure. I usually have no problem exercising when I'm traveling, I really enjoy walking around and exploring, but the real challenge will be keeping on with the push ups.
  • Monday: 3omin elliptical trainer and day 1, week 3 pushups
  • Tuesday: Personal training
  • Wednesday: 1 hr walk and day 2, week 3 pushups
  • Thursday: 30min elliptical trainer and day 3, week 3 pushups
So, for me, the exercise continues, how about you? Have you got an exercise plan this week?


  1. How to avoid building all the arm muscles while taking push-up as a regular exercise? I could consider the sit-up as an ideal exercise for the waist and back....but push-up...... wouldn't all the muscles make a woman less feminine? Or am I getting some wrong idea about that?

  2. Heya Angie. For me the pushups are mostly about the mental challenge, they are something I've never been able to do and something I'm really looking forward to overcoming.

    As far as muscles and femininity go I guess that's personal taste.

  3. I make a point of doing something every day. Most days it's gym classes, but some days it's just a short walk around my neighborhood or half an hour of stretches.

  4. For Angie most women don't genetically beef up with simple push ups, its one of the best exercises to increase upper body strength back, arms and chest.

    Great job Bernie have fun in London and Europe you will walk walk and walk some more, what fun Love Rebecca

  5. You're doing great, despite being out of your element! That's nice that you got your mom out on some walks too!! Keep up the good work Berni!

  6. Exercising with your mum must be really nice. You're doing a great job! My exercise this week is mostly based around walking, running, soccer, and possibly some yoga. I'm looking forward to it.

    - Sagan

  7. I managed to walk 4 times last week. 15-20 minutes each time and then some stretches afterwards. It feels great. I should make the most out of this gorgeous weather. I don't know what I'll do when winters comes again. I hope that by then I will establish some kind of routine that would stick.

  8. Im jealous about the walking in the bush.
    I think Id adore that.

  9. Well done! I followed your suggestion from last week of scheduling and it worked. I'm curious if with all the wet weather there are a lot of leeches about in the forest? I'm hoping it's too cold!

  10. I have been walking around my neighborhood at the crack of dawn and I love it!

    I downloaded the 100 push up challenge to my iPhone but haven't started it yet....I'm kind of scared.

    have a great week!

  11. I love the idea of exercising with your mom! I'm gonna try this some time:)

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