20 April 2009

Weight Loss Weekly

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else"
Judy Garland

Weight Loss Weekly is a collaborative blogging effort between the fantabulous Joie, Sunny, Nurit and myself. We each take turns asking a question and each week we answer these questions on our blogs. I've been handed the baton by Giyen over at her inspirational blog, baconismyenemy.

This week Joie asks:

"How do your family and friends support you or hinder you in your weight loss efforts? Do they adapt easily to your changing habits and help you along, or do they confront your new habits with skepticism?"

Here's a taste of what the girls had to say this week:

Joie: "The place? Applebees. The dessert? Cheesecake shooter...eew. After a bite, I put my fork down not wanting to waste the calories. My friends (well, not so much anymore) look over at me and sneer, "Oh, is this the new thing you're doing now?" Fortunately, the comment makes me think about our friendship rather than my weight loss goals and efforts, but there is always that nagging doubt..." read more at Joie de vivre: An amateur gourmet's guide.

Sunny: "My husband has been really good. Like when I was first trying to change my eating habits and was cranky and starving, ready to give up and chow down on a whole bag of potato chips..." keep reading at www.ThatExtra20Pounds.blogspot.com

Nurit: Nurit has some serious blogging commitments this week and is having a break from WLW. She is taking part in Hunger Action Week and is sure to be posting some fantastic ways to spend less on food but still enjoy delicious meals, be sure to visit her at 1 family. friendly. food.

I think the most amazing way in which my friends and family support me is by loving me no matter what. I can be in "crazed diet" mode or in "don't give a stuff" mode and they just accept me for me, and carry on being the best family and friends a girl could ask for.

Ways in which I feel supported besides the love include:

The Folks always ask, before I come to visit, if there are any special foods I'd like them to buy, never once have they criticized or laughed at my crazy diet attempts, whether it be low carb, low fat or juicing. They often get on the band wagon and join in.

The Soul Sistah has ears of gold, she has listened to me whine and rant about my weight and insecurities for nigh on 20 years now, she never wavers, listening and nodding. She gives advice and pulls me into line when I'm being indulgent or drowning in a pool of self pity.

The Posse, my wonderful friends, most of whom I've known since I was a kid, share delicious meals with me, laugh with me, exercise with me and are always encouraging. Many of them read this blog and even comment sometimes. Best of all each and everyone of them make me smile in their own special way and that is reason enough to be the best version of me I can be.

Last but not least, The Boyf, the person who has probably endured the most torture of all. He adapts his incredible cooking skills to whatever latest idea I've got going, has joined me on detoxes, held my hand when I've cried, been as disappointed as me when the scale hasn't budged, walked with me, talked with me and always been the most encouraging and supportive person in my life.

Reading over this I feel a renewed sense of determination. I have such beautiful people in my life, and I want to live my most bestest life with them for as long as I can.

How about you? Do you have a super support team? Or are you a lone wolf?


  1. This is beautiful Bernie! I hope your family and friends read all of the wonderful things you've said about them! Now you've got us too babe!

  2. I'm so glad you have this wonderful support!! Makes it so much easier, doesn't it?!

  3. Not a lone wolf ... friends on both sides of the world :) And yes, you are you Berni ...

  4. Ps. That photo ... brings back memories!

  5. This is great, Bernie, to have it and to recognize and appreciate it, the love and the frienships. Good for you! And sounds like you have a nice boyf too.

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