06 April 2009

Weight Loss Weekly

Have you been reading the fabulous collaborative blog post by Joie, Sunny, Nurit and previously Giyen? Well you are about to, because the girls have asked me to join them. Weight Loss Weekly is, as the name suggests, a weekly occurrence and delves into the world of weight loss from 4 different perspectives. We each take turns asking a question and all answer suggested question. I've loved reading the different view points and approaches each week and am pretty darn excited to be part of it, I hope you like it.

This week Nurit from Family Friendly Food asks:

You’re trying to lose weight and eat good food, but there is a type of food or drink that you love so much. It could be junk food, it could be loaded with calories but you just got to have it. You might be able to avoid it in the short-term for the sake of your diet, but not all your life. It’s your weak-spot-food. What is it and why do you love it or crave it so much? And what do you do about it?

Be sure to check out the other posts on this topic, here's what the girls have to say

Nurit: “There are a few weak spots for me, but I can narrow it down to two, heavy cream and baked goods. Since I can remember myself, I was fascinated by heavy cream... Read more at 1 family. friendly. food.

Sunny: "I'm still not sure the right way to deal with all my favorite bad-for-you foods. Should I limit myself to eating some of my favorite things only 1 day a week? Like an "eat whatever you want day"?" keep reading at www.ThatExtra20Pounds.blogspot.com

Joie: "Weaknesses? Yeah, I can name a few dozen. Weaknesses can be shored up, however the irrational frenzy I feel when around a pepperoni pizza is another thing entirely!" read more at Joie de vivre: An amateur gourmet's guide

Now, *ahem*, my turn.......

In this, my attempt at weight loss #982 736 001, I am determined to succeed like never before. Gone are the days of fad diets, restrictive food lists, obsessive weighing and the torturous feelings of deprivation and despair. So with that in mind there really are no foods that are completely off limits to me. I am trying to exercise moderation in all things.

Having said that, there is one thing that I dream about, one dish that I could eat at any time anywhere. It's light and flaky the perfect balance of sweet and savory, definitely not a diet food and makes my heart soar with joy and desire even at the slightest mention.

Let me introduce you to the almighty, the supreme, the incomparable....... Roti Canai.
Image: Nicole Lee

I love Roti because it's like a ghee infused pastry, comes with curry, is eaten with your hands and is made like this. I first discovered it on my travels around Malaysia, we ordered it randomly and felt as if we had been given the answer to the meaning of life, such is the power of The Roti.

I've found a few places back home that do roti justice, but there really is no comparison to the real deal, the smells the sounds, the hot out of the hands of the roti master onto your plate and swiftly into your mouth, all washed down with some limau ais or teh tarik *drool*

So how do I manage my roti love while trying to lose weight? Well I don't eat it for breakfast everyday that's for sure. When I do eat it, I enjoy, savor and delight in each and every mouthful, it's food for my soul. I'm learning that I don't need that experience everyday, it's almost better to have it on rare occasions, when the stars align and I can sit with the universe and just be, me and my roti.

What about you? What food do you dream of? Is it a hindrance to your weight loss that you just can't live without? Or are you waiting patiently for the day you can indulge again? Comment away........

"There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened"
Douglas Adams


  1. Wow that looks wonderful, I wonder if I could find something like that by me. Oops, better not, I don't need anything else to tempt me right now. :) Glad you're joining us on Weight Loss Weekly!!

  2. I've never heard of Roti, but I love how you explain it as "the answer to the meaning to life" That made me smile. I feel I just can't wait for the day when I can indulge again, that is what leads to the yo-yo syndrome. I think why my weight loss is different this time is because I realize it is life long, and not just something to follow for a while, lose weight and then go back to my old bad eating habits. I love how you savor each bite of the roti. I need to take time to savor my pepperoni pizza instead of just inhaling!

  3. That Roti looks good. It actually reminds me a lot of something my granda used to make (and taught me, but I don't make it at home. She was born in Yemen), it's calles Mallawah. Flour and grease, my favorite combinaiton.

  4. ok this was NOT the goal of your post but now Im thinking HMMM ROTI? I MIGHTCOULD NEED TO HAVE YOU MEET MY MOUTH.

    Just once.

    as far as my food.

    it's crap mainly. processed stuff I love (poptarts etc.)

    bad, I KNOW :)

  5. Sunny: don't do it, don't even start to look for it.... you will join the cult of The Roti and you can never leave.

    Joie: Inhaling can be good sometimes too. Yes yes, the rest of my life... and to never have roti for the rest of my life? Well life just wouldn't be worth living:)

    Nurit: I've had Mallawah before and it is very similar... ahh yes grease and flour... bliss.

    MizFit: As I said to Sunny.... Don't do it! Or do because it's SO good.... Processed is it's own kind of special... sadly, or maybe fortunately, I can't seem to eat it and not fall asleep like I've OD'd on Valium.... kinda makes it a bit tiresome (Haha pun intended).

  6. YUM! So glad you picked up where my sad team playing left off!

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