18 April 2009

5 Things I'm Proud Of #12

Image: john w

"Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action"
Peter F Ducker

I'm running a bit late this week, but better late than never. Remember to focus on the little things, it is those little things that make up the big things we are reaching for.
  1. Letting myself have a nap rather than reach for the coffee
  2. Commencing the epic task that is tidying up the disaster zone that is our house
  3. Dragging myself onto the Wonderfully Fandangled Exercise Machine and getting that cardio DONE
  4. Publicly broadcasting The Great Cholesterol Challenge. Nothing like potential humiliation to get me going
  5. Booking tickets to Japan..... yippeeee!!
Have you got any moments you are proud of this week?


  1. What a great idea to write 5 things you're proud of... maybe I'll try to do this too! You're going to Japan?!! How exciting!

  2. Japan! That is so exciting! Being a foodie, I am interested in the food! Things I am proud of this week:
    1. I vacuumed the carpet!
    2. Weeded the garden and cleaned up the strawberry plants of the dead leaves.

  3. Sunny: I find the 5 things I'm proud of really helps me to stay focused and remember all the little steps I take along the way.

    Joie: The food the food.... It's going to be a food extravaganza!

  4. I have SUCH an obsession with challenges and I love that you're doing the cholesterol challenge, can't wait to see what kind of information you find. And that's fantastic about the tickets to Japan!!

    - Sagan