08 April 2009

An Update of Sorts

Accountability is said to be one of the corner stones of weight loss. I'm all about having corner stones, especially if it means I'll be happily strolling down the beach in my swimmers this summer, rather than wrapped up in a towel lying on the sand, as low profile as possible so as to avoid freaking the kids out.

So with that in mind, I thought I better fill you in on my C25K progress and my abandoning of the Push Up Challenge.

I was so super keen to start the Couch to 5K, even teamed up with a buddy, but didn't get any further than the first training session. It's the long standing thorn in my side that's holding me back from this one; The Dodgy Knee. Turns out, after finding a super cool physiotherapist, I have an old injury to my meniscus which has resolved but left some scar tissue around the knee joint. As well as that my quads have lost a lot of strength and my knee cap isn't gliding the way it should be.

After some pretty hellish massage and really exciting knee exercises, the Physio suggested I try running again. I, with the enthusiasm of a puppy, raced out to the park and did as she said. For 10 min, on nice soft grass, with no hills, I felt the wind in my hair and imagined what outfit I would wear at my first race. Then the pain hit, slowly at first, but increased over the days. Turns out my knee is not up to it yet, and I'm totally bummed. So fear not, I am not a slacker, I have the best of intentions, and the C25K is still on my list.

Funny I should mention slack, because that's exactly how I would describe my efforts at the push up challenge. Oh so much fervor at first, so proud of my developing form and progress.... then what happened? I met up with the excuse making machine: "oh my arms are too sore today" "I'm not getting anywhere, maybe I need a rest" "It's too hard" blah blah blah blah

Need I say more? Well last night at training session number 3 we did push ups and I was astounded at myself, I managed 10 without much trouble at all (yes the girly on you knees ones, let's not get carried away with the imagery here). I couldn't have done this without my attempts at the 100 push ups, so maybe it wasn't time wasted after all, maybe it's time to return, maybe even today?

Speaking of training, The Terrier has handed over the reins to one of her much trusted employees, apparently we are the best group to work with due to our crude jokes, constant laughter, singing of Eye of the Tiger and high fiving of each other. So we now have The Kelpie as our devoted trainer and he is, as The Terrier put it, quite easy on the eye.

So there you have it. Everything accounted for, so like, that's the accountability thing done..... I wonder if I've lost any weight yet?????

"Good taste is the excuse I've always given for leading such a bad life"
Oscar Wilde

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