23 April 2009

5 Things I'm Proud Of #13

Image: Maki_C30D

"From little things big things grow"

Paul Kelly

So these small things that I'm proud of, they happen every week and here they are again.

  1. Working 5 days this week, the first time in a long time.
  2. Reminding myself each and every day of what my goals are.
  3. Belting out some tunes with the gals.
  4. Picking up the extra weights at training and going hard.
  5. Continuing to eat when I'm hungry.
What are the little things you've done this week that make you proud?


  1. You're doing great! I very much agree with number 5. Oh and resisting the temptation of all the easter eggs that are stashed around the house.

  2. Aloha! What a delightful and insightful blog you have here! I will be checking in again for sure.
    Hope to follow you on twitter too! I am @starlightlife. Much aloha~ Gina (from 31DBBB)

  3. @Spring Girl: Easter Eggs are such a treat, one that seems to go on and on way past Easter ;)

    @gina: Thanks Gina, see you on twitter.

    @Miz: Awww the encouragement, it makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.