20 January 2009

January's Challenge Update....

So my challenge for January was to stay away from the scales. There are many reasons I decided to stop weighing myself for a while, the main one being that my mood was being defined by that number that appeared and it wasn't such a pretty picture. Since not weighing myself I've found that I don't think about my weight or weight loss so much, I just seem to be getting on with things, which is nice, having some space to stroll around in my head has proven to be promising.

I must admit Feb 1st is looming in my mind, what if I've put on weight, not lost any weight, lost a puny amount of weight... what then? Will all those weeks of not weighing myself and feeling OK about it dissipate and leave me with a months worth of bad weigh days in one? I guess I will find out when the day comes.

"The key to change.... is to let go of fear"
Rosanne Cash


  1. yesyesyes
    Let go of the fear (which is actually PRAYING FOR WHAT WE DONT WANT) and focus hard on *today* not feb.

    and believe me, I know it is far easier said than done...but you can do it.

  2. Hey MizFit, Thanks for the support and the wise words, here and always at your blog :)