06 January 2009

Happy New Year

For the last few years I've made the same vague resolutions and not kept them, so for a change this year I thought I'd use these resolutions and solidify them a bit so I actually have a tangible goal to reach for. This is them:

Lose weight- For this I think I'll give myself a number, I know I know, it's not about the number it's about being healthy and feeling good about yourself blah blah blah blah.... but I need to get somewhere on this one, and I'm hoping a solid goal will help me. So this year I resolve to lose 20kgs.

Get fit- Hmmm, fit, what does that mean exactly? Well usually, in my mind, it means looking buff and having some kind of lean body mass to speak of. It's never really had anything to do with physical ability, speed, endurance or stamina, I want to be fit so I look hot, is that too much to ask? In keeping with my idea I've simplified this one into one task. So this year I resolve to be able to do 5 real push ups.

Learn Japanese- A long time wish of mine that I hoped would just come true one morning, I've got the books, the flash-cards, and the CDs but my conversation skills are somewhat lacking. Now this one has some importance, last year after a flurry of New Years Resolution madness I enrolled in an intensive summer course, got inspired and wrote my nephew a birthday card in Japanese!! In this said birthday card, I spoke of becoming somewhat fluent in Japanese so that he and I could shoot the breeze one day. I can't let him down, he is the cutest, most adorable wonderful human ever to walk the Earth and he's now started talking. So this year I resolve to learn hiragana, katakana and 100 kanji, as well as do a chapter each month from my text book.

So there you have it, New Years Resolutions, its' a bit scary, turning them into something real like that. It means that there is a possibility that I will fail in a quantifiable way. But this is it folks, this is my life and it's time to live it failures and all.

"My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents, and I lay them both at his feet"
Mahatma Gandhi

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