26 January 2009

5 Things I'm Proud Of Today #2

I've written about this exercise before and have been thinking about making it a regular thing. So here's a few little things I was proud of today.

1. Attempting Tabata style hill sprints in the park- Geeezuhs, that surely gets the heart a pumping and the lungs a thumping.

2. Pasting code into my blog all on my lonesome- nothing like some good old trial and error to get things done.

3. Making a kick ass salad to munch on- great food is so good for the soul

4. Completing week one of The Push Up Challenge- 5 real push ups here I come!

5. Not caving and weighing myself before the Feb 1st deadline- 5 days to go, the countdown is on.

Feel free to share things you're proud of in the comments, would be great to hear about what everyone else is doing out there.

"Just don't give up on what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong."
Ella Fitzgerald


  1. Great idea to focus on the positives.

    I can only come up with 2 things at the moment.
    1. I caught up on most of my emails this weekend.
    2. I took a nap today when I really needed one (I think that's sometimes important).

  2. hey Lainie,
    You gotta love the power nap, resting is always important, great thing to be proud of.

  3. You should be proud! 5 push-ups is intense. I checked out that site, after 5 are you going to go for the 100? I have two kiddos that I carry around and have pretty strong arms actually, but my hurdle to the push-up is my core strength. I couldn't hold the plank position through 1 or 2! I'm excited to read your progress. It may inspire me to work on my abs. :)

  4. Love the motivational check-ins... And in the spirit of things:

    1. I am on week three of face the torture-machine at 6am every morning and still going strong.
    2. I drove home in 25cm of freshly fallen snow without running my very small very not-a-4wd off the road.
    3. I'm yet to eat a potato, drink a soda or indulge in my favourite forbidden fruit - ice-cream in more than 3 weeks.

    You keep me inspired Bernster - keep up the fab work. I'll be cheering for you come Feb 1st!!

    Heather xoxox

  5. Joie, my fantasy is to do 100, man that would be cool. But for now I'm just trying to focus on upgrading from knee push-ups to the real deal.

    Heather, you are too cool. Always a total inspiration, face the torture machine, smile and then when your done thank it ;)


    I think we all spend (I spend?) too much time thinking about what we need to work on and not enough time being AWARE OF WHAT WE'VE DONE!
    Im proud Im about to go workout---because Im so not in the mood.