28 July 2009

Progress, it's all in the outfit.

Image: Bill Brown

Now that I have said my farewells to the Scale, I've been thinking more and more about how to measure my progress. I really need achievements to be proud of to keep me going in this whole thing and while I don't need to be a number on the scale anymore I do want to see myself moving forward.

I've been taking tape measurements since the start of this adventure back in November and I have found this to be a good way to see how things are changing.

By far the best way for me really is in the clothes. Having gone from a baggy sized 18 pants being tight, to falling off when I run is surely a triumph worth celebrating. Being able to once again button up my favorite red winter coat really does put a smile on my dial, and watching my all time fattest pair of shorts get so baggy in the arse you could call me MC Hammer, is pure bliss.

I really wanted to post a progress pic today but after running around the house trying a gazillion self portraits, I've conceded defeat. I'll await the return of The Boy for a less arty shot.

So there you have it, progress measured in a way other than the scale. Here are some numbers for those of you that get into that kinda thing, the first number being the starting point and the second number where I'm at today.

Bust: 115/114cm
Waist at belly button: 114/105cm
Waist at narrowest point: 95/89cm
Hips: 127/121cm
Upper Thigh: 76/72cm
Knee: 49/47cm
Upper Arm: 36/34cm

Total centimeters lost so far: 31cm. That's more centimeters than on the 30cm ruler I used in primary school!


  1. great and inspiring post love smile on my dial you cool little Aussie you!

  2. I love using the tape, of course, I also use the scale, but the tape is the real story.

    Make it a great day!

  3. Good for you! I also love feeling my clothes getting bigger and bigger...

  4. yep. the best way for me as well.

    xo xo,


  5. WHOOO! Way to go with the weight loss and inches! So happy for you. I am looking forward to seeing the progress pics!

  6. wow, that's awesome berni!!

  7. Being able to fit into old clothes is my favourite way. Well done!

  8. You rock!

    I agree that clothes is the best way to tell. It's good to step away from the scale and even the mirror on occasion (though that one is a lot harder, just because there are mirrors everywhere)- and just to focus on how you FEEL.

    - Sagan