24 July 2009

Dear Scale

Dear Scale,

Our time has come to an end. For years we have have kept our thing going, you looming around each corner, me obsessively seeking you out. This recent time spent apart has had me thinking about you a lot. How you have ruled my life for so long, how you've tormented me with your numbers, teased me with your smooth neutral appearance.

For some you are just that, neutral, benign. But for me, and I know you know this, you are a malignancy that knows no bounds.

So dear scale, I will not miss you, or even think of you. We both know it's better this way, we can get on with our lives and enjoy our days in peace.

Good luck
Berni x


  1. Good luck with this new phase of your journey!

  2. Sounds like you've got that relationship all sorted out. Hurray!

    - Sagan

  3. Yay to bye bye scale! The one in the picture is kinda pretty though.