19 July 2009

Home Sweet Home

Traveling is always fun, and one of the greatest things about it is discovering new ways to see and love your life at home. This trip was no different, and I'm pretty happy to be back, enjoying the clear blue winter skies and all that home has to offer.

So, weight loss and traveling. This combo seems to work for me, pants are sliding on a bit easier, tops not so clingy, the dreaded roll over the top of my jeans does seem to be a little smaller. The trick is to keep things moving in this direction.

Life on the road is full of obstacles, yet I seem to navigate them so much better away than when I'm at home and all is within my control. I think the biggest thing is that when I'm away I stop caring so much. I just go with the flow, eat when I'm hungry, eat what I want, and find that I'm so distracted by the adventure that I don't really think about being fat at all. Huh, who wouldda thought? Having fun and enjoying what's there to be enjoyed has me getting thinner without, counting, depriving or stressing about whether or not I've done this or that the right way.

I'm always dreaming of a life of full-time travel, and while I'm working on that plan, I also need to live my life now, and it seems that living as if I'm traveling may just be the way to do it. So off I go into the wide blue yonder in search of adventure right here in my own backyard.


  1. Nice to see you finally BACK!

    Hope all those travelings didn't get your exercise plan in the way......

    Off to yoga, catcha later

    Angie's Recipes

  2. welcome home,missed your posts but glad to hear about your travels. sounds great!

  3. Welcome back! I'm glad to hear you came back lighter and leaner... That's just awesome!

    I'm sure when you look for it, you will find adventure wherever you go!

  4. Welcome back - the blue skies are best around here aren't they ;-) I know the exact feeling you speak of about being on holidays. That's how it works for me too.

  5. HELLLLOOOO everyone. I'm so glad you're all still here :)

  6. and I think that's ok

    I know Im more successful in my routine than out of it as well.

    welcome back.

  7. Welcome home!

    Funny how we can become more intuitive about exercise/eating when we're traveling.

    - Sagan