07 August 2009

Exercise and a new blog.....

So the sugar crazies seem to have left me..... ahhhh. Now that normalcy has returned and I'm not stalking the streets in search of my next fix, my mind drifts to that other healthy living thing. You know the one, that thing that makes all the difference, that thing that has you zinging from head to toe, the wonderful, the amazing, EXERCISE!

I seem to have lost my mojo when it comes to exercise at the moment. The personal training group has disbanded and I'm left feeling pretty unmotivated. It's too easy to slip into my procrastination outfit and just trundle along convincing myself that walking to the train station is enough. Hmmmm.

It's really interesting to stop and see what's going on, the patterns the changes, what works, what doesn't. I hoped, maybe foolishly, that exercise would just happen but it hasn't. I still very much need structure and planning, and this is a needed step towards being someone who exercises regularly and perhaps even effortlessly.

Instead of beating myself up and moaning about not wanting to exercise, I figure I just need to do what I need to do and that's ok. This is where I am, I have direction and I'm heading there, at my own pace, in my own style and I will get there.

In other news, the blogging bug has well an truly bitten and I'm starting another. Ninja Eats is an exploration of all things food, authored by little ol me, Kenji (AKA The Boy/The Boyf) and the elusive, anonymous, Ninja. It's all very new and finding it's feet, but that's the great thing about blogs they just grow and find their own way. Hope to see you there sometime soon!


  1. Berni, I am glad to hear you have gotten past the sugar cravings. As you no doubt know, the exercise is important too though. Perhaps you could create your own schedule that you post and initial as you complete, therefore giving you some kind of accountability.

  2. Exciting about the new blog- blogging IS addicting. Hence why I had to start a second blog too. hehe.

    Am glad that things are going well for you :)

    - Sagan

  3. I'm also still finding my way with regards to exercise, after having had to abandon my aqua aerobics class. All in good time though. It's not that I'm not motivated - my body is just going through some stuff...

    Good luck to you!

    I love that picture.

    perhaps thats what I need as well.