16 November 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog:

That is the question. It seems that the blogging bug has bitten, left the building and the bite mark is no where to be seen. For now I think I'll give the blogging a rest and concentrate on growing this baby that has taken up residence. Thank you all for your kind words and support over the last year, creating this space to rant and rave has exceeded my wildest dreams. No doubt I'll see you here again in the future when it's time to hitch up the weight loss wagon and get going again.


  1. There are priorities in life, so I understand. :-)
    I will see you around!


  2. I agree with Angie, there are priorities. If and when you decide to blog again, I'll be here to read about it.

  3. You are going through such a life-changing, profound event right now that I can understand your lack of interest in this area. Godspeed! Keep us up to date with the baby, though!

  4. no more blogging?

  5. oh no?? how will I manage? haha I know.. I can still stalk u on FB :P

    hugs n such to all three of u

  6. All the best :-) We still look forward to seeing you back in the blogging world! You have wonderful set of recipes, thanks for sharing them to us.

    From your readers in Foodista . Cheers!

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