07 December 2008

Over it.....

Now that I'm over my little "The world is against fat people, let's unite, sit on them skinny biatches and suffocate them" insecurity. I mean, I really can be a tad over sensitive at times. I have devised another rule for riding the Diet Express. After a night of red wine, the most amazing banana bread (big ups to the Alpaca and his culinary expertise), roast potatoes, butter, cheese, chocolate, did I mention butter, great company and the most intense board game known to man, I have decided that events such as these cannot be missed.

Yeah sure I can eat my diet sized portions, avoid all the good stuff, not let a drop of the calorie laden, liver impairing alcohol pass my lips and go home feeling "in control" and righteous, or I can enjoy my life, share some food with friends, drink a little too much wine, fall into a deep satisfied slumber and wake up smiling and thinking these are the memories I'm going to have when I'm old and crusty.

Dieting is all good and well and I think that for 6 of the 7 days I will show some restraint and reign in the indulgences. But one day, of every week, I want to feel normal, I want to feel that I too can enjoy food without being wracked with guilt for days after the event. So damn naggit, that's what I'm going to do.

No more, Forgive me Father for I have sinned and my penance will be to deprive myself for as long as I can, oh yeah this time will be different, this time I will have the perseverance of a self flagellation loving worshiper and before sun down I will be basking in a self denying glow. And if I don't, which I won't, I will lie on a bed of nails and smack myself round the head while SM verbally abuses me until the cows come home. No more.

So my loves, at this time of year, enjoy your cake, your chocolate, your wine and roasts, but remember to get that booty shakin and oh yeah, be nice to yourself :)

"Food is an important part of a balanced diet"
Fran Lebowitz


  1. I like that quote: "food is an important part of a balanced diet" ! heheheheheh. It is such a wonderful thing to eat good food with good friends...but dont forget you can tell your friends you need some help- we want to be part of the mission too. So let us know, if you think it would be helpful, what small goals you are trying to achieve each day.

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